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We have been asked by some people to represent on a map, where Ancestris' users are located. We have started to give the possibility to our users to send us their coordinates to be on our Google map. Ancestris is free, and for us, it's also a reward, to see people using Ancestris to be mentionned on that map.

We have thought it could be great to see users around the world. Of course you will be added to the map only if you send us your coordinates. We have users in the U.S., Canada, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, Poland, etc....

Click on this link to access the Ancestris users Google map.

To be referenced, you have to send a mail to Francois with your latitude, longitude, your name, your city name, and your operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, OS/2, etc...) and you will be on that map.

To know your coordinates, you can use the Acme web site.

Acme Web site

Give me your coordinates in the following format 35.55952 N // -89.64152 W, (eg: John Doe, Covington TN, USA 35.55952 N 89.64152 W - Windows XP)
On Acme web site, click on "Options" and choose the format for Coords "d.ddd d.ddd"

Acme Web site. Options for Coords