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Get started - a primer

Let's start to build your genealogy tree in Ancestris.

As our tools, we are going to use Ancestris' two built-in editors. The Ancestris Editor and the Gedcom Editor.

Ancestris Editor will be used to register such things as names, date of birth, place of death and so on. The Gedcom Editor is actually a function included in the Data Publisher itself and, by using it, we can edit the data we entered into the Gedcom file.

Let's go!

First (of course): Start the Ancestris program.

Ancestris starts up and introduces itself by displaying the Start-up Screen, showing some info.

Now: Go to the Top Menu -> File -> New

A "Create Gedcom File" window will appear. Now select or create a folder to keep your data and fill in the name you want for your new family tree and then click the "Create" button. Your new Gedcom file is saved to disk!

Ancetris will now open up the "Tree view" in the main window, and the "Data Pulisher" and the "Ancestris Editor" in the right side top window. The Data Publisher is under the tab with the green pencil symbol and the Ancestris Editor is under the tab with the yellow one.

In the center of the Tree view sits an empty square box. This is our first person. Now we have to give an identity to this person.

In the Ancestris Editor (Yellow pencil), fill in name, date of birth, place of birth and whatever info you have got about this first person. If something is unknown at the moment, you are always able to go back and fill it in later on. When you are done, click the "OK" button.

Now there is something important we must do. The person we just entered has no sex. We must fix that. Choose the Data Publisher (the Green pencil) and select the line SEX by clicking it. In the lower window you will now see a choice of options to select. Unknown should be the present one. Select the appropriate sex an click the "OK" button and we are all set. We have registered our first person.

Set the Tree View

Before we go on we will choose how we want our tree displayed. It may display in a horisontal view with ancestors at left or in a vertical view with ancestors at top. This is done by clicking the small grid pattern icon in "Tools" on top of the Tree View. For the sake of demo, let's choose the horisontal view.

Next step will be to add the first parents.

As a default setting, only one parent at a time is created when we add a parent. It may be convenient to instruct Ancestris to add both parents at the same time. To achieve this we have to go into Top menu -> Tools -> Preferences -> Data and tick the box "Automatically create both spouses during the creation of a link Parent - Child". Now we are set to proceed.

Place the cursor arrow in the box representing the first person an right-click. In the menu click AddIndOrFam -> Add Parent(s). Make shure that the top line in the showing window says: "New instance" and then click its "Proceed" button. Two new boxes will appear to the left of the first one. The upper box is the male box, the father, and the lower the female box, the mother. In the "Father box" the family name is already filled in.

Now choose the Ancestris Editor (Yellow pencil. Remember?) and fill in the data for the father. Click "OK" and go to the lower box, and do the same for the mother.

Now let's add a sibling.

Again place the cursor arrow in the box representing the first person an right-click. In the menu click AddIndOrFam -> Add Sibling, make shure that the top line in the showing window says: "New instance" and then click its "Proceed" button. This time no new box appears in the Tree view but a new form with filled in family name is present in the Ancestris Editor. Fill in your data for the sibling and click OK.

Up to now, we have used the first person as the root for your family tree, but to see the just entered sibling we have to change the tree root to one of the parents. Right-click one of the parents and select Tools -> Make root. And voilà…! Now you will see the sibling you just entered, connected to the parent you chose. Now go back to the original state by setting the first person as root again.

How to add a source and extra data

You have searched the church books and found the birth of your first person and now you want to make a reference to it in your family tree.

Right-click the first person box in the tree. The appropriate data will show in the Data Publisher. Right-click the line labelled BIRT and select Add Property -> Source (SOUR). A blank window will open below. Fill in your data in it and click "OK".

You have also got track of the wedding date for the first person's parents and want to add that to the family tree. For that we have to change the Tree View a little.

Click the icon with the two heads in the "Tools" on top of the tree view. The view will change and now show a connection symbol (two circles) between the parents boxes as well as a narrow extra box adjacent to parents boxes. Click this little narrow box and the family data will appear in the Data publisher. Right-click the top label (starting with a @) and select Add Property -> Marriage (MARR). Enter your data in the window below and click "OK".