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What are the differences between Ancestris and another genealogy program? Its features.

Spis treści

100% gedcom compliant

Ancestris respects the gedcom specifications. It's very very rare a program which is compliant with the gedcom specs, Ancestris is one the few available on the market. And you know what? Ancestris is free. It's an opensource project developped by people found of genealogy.

Read more about GEDCOM...

Gedcom certified stamp

Your data are preserved

Gedcom data security and integrity logo

Ancestris works on the gedcom file itself. It's easy to see the advantages of such a thing. A gedcom file is a text file, so it can be opened using a simple editor as notepad for windows, or gedit for linux, etc...

Ancestris will never modify your datas when it reads your gedcom file, even if your datas come from another genealogy program which is not 100% gedcom compliant. It will "respect" the mistakes made by the other genealogy programs. You will be advised of those mistakes, but your gedcom file won't be modify at all. It means if you want to read your gedcom file by your previous genealogy program, it won't complain about your data as it will find again its records.

Same program for all operating systems

The same program can be run on different operating systems, as Windows, Linux, and MacOs.

What does it mean? No need to export your data. No need to transform your data to be read, update, etc, on another operating system your friend, a member of your family can run. You run Windows. Your nephew has a MacOS computer. You will be able to exchange your data with a sureness of the integrity of your data. He updates your genealogy and sends it to you? 100% of what he has done will be read by you on your computer.

Ancestris runs on Windows, Linux and Mac

Very powerful

Ancestris comes with a gedcom editor. With it you will be able to add all tags you can find in the gedcom specifications. Of course, you won't have a very sofisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface), but it's the key for such forcefulness.

Heavy development

Java code

Our team works hard for Ancestris. Once an official release is out, no new feature won't be added to secure your work. If a bug is reported it will be fixed very quickly. On the other side, updates for our development releases are available weekly and sometimes daily.


Plugins. Yes, you can extend the capabilities of Ancestris using plugins.


Following this link you will see some screenshots we have made. Maybe the actual version is a little bit different from what you can see there, but development goes on, and we want to improve Ancestris according to what you need, to what you expect.